Academic Facilities


The school emphasizes on energetic learning spaces designed to support the physical, social, mental, emotional and academic growth of children. Each classroom combines the best of available indoor and outdoor areas to maximize learning. Students are given ample time and platform to nurture their learning skills. For this we have separate learning tools for Audio-visual, kinesthetic and tactile learners.

Considering each and every student as unique, we affirm desire to equip, develop and refine them into an exemplary and worthy student in our Institution that can be only fulfilled by positive and irrepressible educative efforts.

In R'n'S, the efforts are to sharpen the child’s skills. Our state of the art and fully functional advanced laboratories give every child a scientific outlook and encourage them to discover their talents. We encompass dynamism in every child to translate his/her thoughts into theories, imaginations to reality and aspirations into accomplishments. Our team of best faculties support them in projecting their potentialities in every field. Consequently, the efforts are directed making pupils with integrated personality ably equipped with creative and creative skills.


The school has a well stocked Library for the students. The importance of library classes is to nurture reading habits. All students attend mandatory library Classes in the course of the school week. The librarian works with the students to teach them proper library etiquettes helping them to appreciate the need to handle books and library materials with utmost care. Students are encouraged to issue books from the library, appropriate to age level, and enjoy reading beyond school hours at their leisure.

Whenever a student reads a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. At Rise n Shine School our aim is to develop and maintain the highest possible standards in the process of learning with the help of Text, Reference books and Periodicals pertaining to various domains of knowledge. The library is continuously updated with latest books and CDs.

The school has a Book-Committee of experts from various subjects and areas for selection of books and other teaching aids. The team, after thoroughly going through the contents and quality of books and material aids available in the market, opts for quality books that conform to the standard NCERT curriculum.


The school has spacious Labs for the students. There is a special well equipped Computer lab and Language Lab with individual working stations for each child. Other well equipped labs consists of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Maths.

All the labs have necessary equipment and instruments besides models and charts made by the students. This hi-tech audio-visual lab and practical learning is aimed at enhancing the inquisitiveness towards acquiring critical skills.

Hitech Computer lab with Audio - Video Facility

For the Students we have Hi- Tech Class rooms where the young learners achieve academic excellence through LCD presentations in the class rooms and at Multimedia center. With the help of this, children are learning the concepts in a 3D view in an effective manner.

We are living in such a world that is bound to be blessed with science and its invented inestimable technologies. We can never deny the sanctity of science and technology. We should upgrade ourselves according to the up-gradation flow at global level. We at R'n'S believe that technology should be seamlessly interlaced into the process of learning and enhancing the curriculum across various disciplines and levels. Seeing the demand of computer technology, which is inseparable part of our life, students should be made aware of this.

The school has applied advanced technologies in the areas such as academics and communication the entire school is networked and the services provided are linked and monitored electronically by an expert technical team. The classrooms have advanced electronic support systems to deliver lessons using the latest technology based learning tools and techniques. Our upgraded computer lab is integrated with high speed internet facility, which is very necessary for today’s life. This modern and advanced computer environment of R'n'S helps all students in broadening and amplifying their knowledge and ability.

Modern Infrastructure

The Digital Resources include Hi-Tech Smart Classes where the young learners acquire knowledge through LCD presentations assisted by audio clips.

The school is modestly equipped with all the modern facilities that include: Smart IT enabled classrooms, Modern Science Laboratories, Exploration Rooms, Spacious Library, Medical Facilities and GPS enabled School Buses, among many more. The Science Laboratories have all the possible equipments to enhance the scientific temperament among our young learners. Books are the Best Friend, and so we have a vast range of books in the library. The Wellness Room keeps the children medically safe, if ever taken ill. Scholars are carried home by our own fleet of buses equipped with GPRS system to ensure student's safety.

Our Location

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